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Published on 31 July 2020

Electric Mobility

Gearing up for sustainable mobility

The platform integrates battery and fuel-cell prototypes developed by the CEA into land, air, and water vehicles and tests these prototypes in real-world conditions. The tests are used to gather feedback on performance, cycling, and aging. Liten's R&D partners can take advantage of the platform to obtain a broad range of data gathered from batteries in use, optimize their products, and enhance product reliability before going to market. They can also leverage the platform's resources to come up with totally new products.

What the electric mobility platform does:

  • Electric machine characterization and optimization

  • Electrical system (battery, PEMFC) validation testing and optimization on a HIL (Hardware in the Loop) bench

  • Instrumented vehicle road and wear testing

The electric mobility platform uses MUSES, a unique multiphysics, multi-scale modeling tool to:

  • Determine how the different scales, from materials to systems, interact

  • Gain a deeper understanding of physical phenomena

  • Optimize the dimensioning of electric and hydrogen systems


icone1.jpg20 engineers and technicians

icone2.jpg €4 million in investment

icone3.jpg 1,500 sq.

Around 10 industrial partners

 Grenoble and Chambéry