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Reach Your Full Potential With CEA-Liten


Published on 29 May 2024


If the idea of tackling some of today’s biggest scientific challenges and developing the technologies of the future sounds exciting, CEA-Liten could be just the place for you. Whether you are a student intern, PhD candidate, or career scientist or engineer, we provide exciting opportunities to support the transition to a Net Zero economy. CEA-Liten is known for first-rate R&D and international-caliber facilities. A prime location in the major university city of Grenoble, France, is another plus, especially among students.


Doctoral research​


Did you know? 60% of our scientists first came to CEA-Liten as PhD students! ​

​The education and tech hub of Grenoble, France is home to more than 62,000 students—15% international—and 22,000 researchers employed by government-funded or private-sector research and R&D centers. CEA-Liten is deeply embedded in this vibrant ecosystem.

As a PhD student at CEA-Liten, you will work on projects that support the development of renewable energy and high-efficiency, low-carbon technologies and energy systems.

The circular economy, a pillar of our R&D strategy, will guide your research, translating into concrete measures to reduce environmental impacts. You will also have access to the 10+ technology platforms at CEA-Liten, with their state-of-the-art lab equipment, software, and other tools, to conduct your research. ​

Student internships​


Careers in science aren’t the only way to experience technological innovation at CEA-Liten. We also need engineering, finance, human resources, and other interns. Whether you picture yourself in a lab or an office, we have internship opportunities from two months to two years at all undergraduate and graduate levels. Don’t miss out on CEA-Liten’s internship opportunities!

Our student interns gain direct experience and put their knowledge to work toward some of the major challenges our economy and society are currently facing. You will learn innovative new ways of working and get a chance to use sophisticated equipment.

Students from two to five years of post-secondary education are eligible to apply. Mentors are assigned to provide support as interns gradually acquire the skills necessary to work more independently. ​


Unsolicited applications can be submitted on our career website.​