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Solar Photovoltaics

Published on 4 August 2020

Solar Photovoltaics

Bringing high-yield photovoltaic solutions to the market faster

The mission of the photovoltaic solar platform is to develop France’s solar energy industry. The platform addresses all of the elements that make up a PV system. It innovates materials, processes, and equipment to develop high-yield PV solutions

There are four main labs at the platform:

  • The materials lab, which is home to laboratory, test (60 kg), and industrial-scale (1,200 kg) silicon ingot crystallization capabilities; industrial-scale ingot-cutting (brick cutting and wafer slicing) equipment, and characterization equipment.
  • A 1,300 sq. m 100,000-class cleanroom is dedicated to optimizing and executing PV cell fabrication process steps on different types of silicon, including the fabrication of innovative Si/perovskite and TOPCon Si cells. Liten has invested in the necessary organic photovoltaic (OPV) fabrication and encapsulation process equipment for both rigid and flexible substrates.
  • The LABFAB-HET pilot line implements the new processes developed for heterojunction photovoltaic cells. The platform’s throughput of 2,400 wafers per hour (currently) with excellent reproducibility is ideal for developing and testing proof-of-concept prototypes at industrial manufacturing scales to ensure optimal transfer of the technology to our partners. 
  • A module R&D lab that develops custom modules leveraging standard or very custom technologies. This lab addresses a wide range of applications, from lightweight modules to building-integrated PV, modules integrated into roads and vehicles, and for space applications. The lab possesses PV module fabrication, characterization, and accelerated aging equipment. 


icone1.jpg200 researchers and technicians

icone2.jpg €100 million in investment

icone3.jpg 15,000 sq.m of facilities