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Quality assurance

Published on 5 August 2020

​Quality assurance

Liten's quality policy

Liten's quality management system is an integral part of CEA TECH's ISO 9001 version 2015 (french version) certification for the creation and transfer of knowledge (technology, knowledge, and patent and software license transfer activities).

Naturally, Liten's R&D project management processes are covered by this quality policy, which means that particular care is given to our methods, tools, and quality controls. The quality management system was developed to take into account each stage in the technology maturation process, from proof of concept to the transfer of mature and robust technologies to businesses.

Managing quality according to theISO 9001 standard (french version) positions Liten to demonstrate a firm commitment to: 

  • Listening attentively to our partners, a posture that is fundamental to our positioning at the crossroads of research and industry
  • Controlling risk and assessing business environments in fast-paced industries
  • Challenging the status quo and striving for continuous improvement in our practices and systems

Above all, our approach to quality allows us to bring solutions that meet the needs of economic stakeholders and that respond to the imperative of sustainability that applies to all technology development projects.

The Carnot seal

France's prestigious Carnot Network includes a new energy technology research institute, Institut Carnot Energies du Futur. Liten and its Grenoble-based academic research partners are engaged in this institute, which was once again granted the Carnot seal in 2020, confirming the effectiveness of the Carnot Network's hallmark partnership strategy.

The Carnot seal was created in 2006 and is granted by the French Ministry of Higher Education, Research, and Innovation to research organizations in France that demonstrate excellence in a number of areas.


The Carnot Network counts 39 government-funded research organizations in France committed to making their know-how available to companies. The Carnot seal is a mark of scientific excellence and quality research partnerships.

One of the strengths of the Carnot Network is its capacity to provide solutions that meet the needs of companies of all sizes, from small and mid-cap companies to major corporations. Whatever industrial challenges companies are facing, the Carnot Network's broad array of research labs and expertise can usually deliver a solution. 

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