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Published on 31 July 2020

​Smart Grid

Dimensioning and operating new energy systems

This platform leverages a combination of emulators and real components to dimension, operate, and optimize energy systems that incorporate variable, and, especially, renewable (photovoltaic, micro-hydro, etc.) energy sources and electricity storage. It can be used to study a variety of configurations, from isolated micro-grids to interconnected grids, as well as to test components, and to develop, test, and optimize operating strategies to ensure profitability.

The platform is home to: 

  • Digital equipment (including a SCADA 66), simulation and calculation capabilities, and a digital safe to store our local and remote monitoring data.
  • A 10,000 sq. m outdoor area (rooftops and fields) with conventional and high-voltage DC photovoltaic solar fields)
  • PRISMES, an experimental LV distribution microgrid (power of around 200 kVA)
  • Additional labs for power electronics and electrochemical storage technology characterization


icone1.jpg30 engineers and technicians

icone2.jpg €2 million in investment

icone3.jpg 300 sq. m of facilities; a 4,000 sq. m outdoor testing platform

6 industrial partners

30 patents, 7 patents applications per year