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Post-doctoral research

Published on 13 September 2022

​Post-doctoral research

Liten's vibrant interdisciplinary environment is particularly attractive to post-doctoral students seeking opportunities to round out their academic training with hands-on R&D experience in fields that support the energy and ecological transitions.

High-level interdisciplinary research that addresses real-world challenges

At Liten, PhD students are assigned intensive projects on original topics to support the growth of renewable energy and the development of high-yield, low-carbon energy technologies and systems. These research projects are interdisciplinary by nature and they have major technological, environmental, and societal impacts. Therefore, Liten post-docs take maximum advantage of the synergies between Liten labs and, more broadly, other stakeholders within the local ecosystem.  Liten gives up-and-coming scientists opportunities to increase their knowledge and learn new skills in a variety of fields related to renewable energy and a carbon-free society.

International exposure

For research scientists just starting their careers, Liten provides a unique level of access to around ten world-class labs and digital technology platforms, as well as to exceptional scientific instruments like the ESRF (one of the world's most powerful synchrotrons), and Institut Laue-Langevin (ILL), home to extremely brilliant neutron beamlines used for spectroscopy. The institute also cultivates close partnerships with around 50 labs at the national, European, and international levels.

If you are interested in a post-doc position where you can learn new skills by working on research to support the energy transition, sustainable technology development, and the circular economy, take a look at the post-doc positions currently available at Liten.

Visit the INTSN website to find out about post-doctoral research projects available at Liten