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Custom R&D Services

Published on 5 August 2020

High-added-value custom R&D services for industrial companies

Innovation that drives business growth:

  • Liten has built up deep knowledge of many industries, from transportation to energy and the environment, both in France and internationally.
  • Our integrated approach, from component to system, positions us to focus on your area of interest while ensuring that the technology we develop for you fits seamlessly into the overall value chain.

Save time:

  • Speed up technology development and scaleup by getting immediate access to Liten's know-how and to a broad portfolio of patents so that you can overcome the technological hurdles to growth.

  • Transform ideas into actual innovations by building proof-of-concept and functional prototypes.

  • Boost your technological capabilities rapidly when Liten transfers know-how and tools to your organization.

Secure and leverage your R&D:

  • Liten guarantees the confidentiality of your R&D projects.

  • Exclusive licenses to research results within the scope of the target product or application are possible.

  • Market research and benchmark survey before starting R&D.

​Your Trusted R&D Partner