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Published on 31 July 2020


Handling and using nanomaterials safely

The nanosafety platform focuses on protection, health, and safety issues related to the handling and use of nanomaterials. Housed in a  brand-new, 5,000 sq. m building and staffed by a team of 150, the platform has two main activities : 

R&D, with five major focus areas: 

  • toxicology, 
  • ecotoxicology, 
  • the integration of nanomaterials into industrial processes and nanomaterials lifecycle analysis; 
  • industrial health and safety, 
  • characterization and methods.

BtoB services: 

  • training of prevention and emergency response personnel, 
  • consulting, 
  • workstation 
  • auditing and design, 
  • occupational health consulting, 
  • 24-7 incident-response services. 

The platform’s partners come from all industries (inks, paints, cosmetics, food), and also include prevention and testing organizations like INERIS, INRS, Institut Pasteur de Lille, and the French National Testing Laboratory.


icone2.jpg €17 million in investment

icone3.jpg 5,000 sq. m including 2,000 sq. m of laboratory space

150 partners

4 patents