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Nanosafety Platform


Published on 27 May 2024

Regulatin​​g the use of nanomaterials and controlling emerging risks

​Nanosafety Platform​

The Nanosafety Platform supports the CEA's partners on health, safety, and environmental prevention issues arising from the use of nanomaterials or the unintentional release of nanoparticles into the atmosphere.

The platform is located in a brand-new, 5,000 m² facility staffed by experts whose multidisciplinary know-how covers the entire nanomaterials lifecycle (manufacturing, integration, use, and end-of-life, including recycling). It is the leading center for expertise in France and across Europe, with a wide variety of activities.​


€​17million in investment​​​

5,000 sq. m​,

including​ 2,000 sq. m​ of laboratory space​


​ The platform focuses on three main nanosafety topics:​

  • ​Detection, identification, fine characterization, monitoring, and HSE audit
  • Safer-by-design approaches to materials and processes to ensure that HSE risks and their potential impacts are addressed from the design phase. These approaches also integrate sustainability aspects throughout the material's lifecycle. The overriding objective is to develop tomorrow's innovative, safe, and sustainable products and processes 
  • The development of particle counting and trapping solutions ​

The platform is organized around two units:​

  • ​​ R&D, with five focus areas: toxicology, ecotoxicology, integration of nanomaterials in industrial processes and the lifecycle, industrial health, characterization, and methods 
  • Emissions assessments to determine potential exposure (workers, consumers, the environment) and three types of on-site services: measurement (workstation and employee health monitoring); consulting (recommendations, audits, design/use assistance); and training (operators, prevention workers, first responders),

The Nanosafety Platform's missions:

  • Support responsible, economically competitive use of nanomaterials by businesses  
  • Develop innovative, safe, and sustainable technologies  
  • Help earn the trust of workers and citizens to enable the rapid development of nanomaterials and related products