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PEMFC for heavy transportation

​​The current maximum operating temperature for commercial PEMFCs of 80°C acts as a brake to the wider use of this technology in the decarbonizing of the heavy transportation sector.

Published on 5 April 2023

In the framework of an ANR-funded collaborative project between the CEA and CNRS, CEA-Liten has been tasked with developing a Membrane Electrode Assembly (MEA) for PEMFC fuel cells able to operate at a rated temperature of 95°C. The research teams began the tests using commercially available materials, improved the formulation and application of cathode inks and the composition of the cathode.

Tests performed with 25 cm² cells in operational conditions show that the CEA MEA performs up to 30% better at 95°C than the best commercially available MEAs and at efficiencies of 60%. 

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