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Published on 5 August 2020


Setting-up a company at CEA is an important way to enhance the results of research carried out by its laboratories.

Liten supports startups in the digital and other tech spaces to commercialize solutions leveraging Liten technologies that address climate, energy, and environmental challenges. In this context, CEA has set up a specific program for the startup projects it supports, from the idea to the start of the company. These startups benefit from Liten's experience evaluating technologies, developing IP portfolios, and creating business models. Startup founders also gain access to Liten's vast network of partners, from industrial companies to venture capitalists.

The institute also runs a number of ongoing initiatives to feed the startup pipeline:

  • Reach out to all Liten labs through awareness-raising programs and targeted campaigns to identify potential startup projects,

  • Ramp up strategy support, assistance putting together founding teams, and relationship-building with financers to speed up the emergence of new startup projects,

  • Participate actively in programs run by innovation and startup ecosystems.

Liten works with startups in a number of ways that can include:

  • License agreements that can encompass patents and know-how,

  • R&D through joint lab agreements,

  • Office and/or lab space as part of contract R&D services or joint lab agreements,

  • Equity shares (for spinoffs).

Whether you have already founded a startup, are seeking new opportunities, are looking for a partner ready to explore pioneering solutions, contact Liten's energy startup coordinator Bertrand Coulon ( to discuss your needs.

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