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Published on 10 February 2023

​SEED-Energy - Energy-system evaluation tool

SEED-Energy draws on the Odyssey simulation platform to evaluate energy systems with the ultimate goal of facilitating the integration of renewable energy.

Startup SEED-Energy was spun off from Liten in 2017 to evaluate the profitability of multi-energy (electricity, heat, natural gas, hydrogen, etc.), multi-technology (conventional production, renewable production, and conversion and storage) energy systems using an innovative software platform, Odyssey. SEED-Energy offers a very complete evaluation tool that is flexible enough to suit the diverse needs of energy stakeholders, from producers and industrial consumers to government energy authorities. With SEED-Energy, stakeholders can generate simulations of their energy systems in different configurations to determine which is most profitable.

In addition, SEED-Energy offers energy systems to meet the needs of all energy stakeholders backed by an assessment of the profitability of planned investments as well as the associated environmental impacts. The various components of the energy system are dimensioned according to economic factors and service quality.

SEED-Energy offers a comprehensive range of services, and can provide its customers with access to Odyssey so that they can conduct their own evaluations. Finally, SEED-Energy can complete engineering, management, and optimization studies for its customers' energy systems.

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