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Legrand and CEA combine their expertise to develop a new generation wireless and batteryless switch

Legrand, global specialist in electrical and digital building infrastructures, announces the launch of a new generation wireless and batteryless switch. This technological innovation was developed in collaboration with CEA, a major player in research, development and innovation.

Published on 11 February 2021

Integrating perfectly with Legrand's "with Netatmo" connected offerings, this innovation makes the connected home more sustainable by reducing environmental impact and maintenance operations due to battery use.

Connected switches that are wireless, i.e. without any wired connection to the building's electrical network, offer many advantages, such a  facilitating the upgrading of an installation by enabling switches to be positioned freely without any renovation works. This innovation will allow wireless switches to operate without batteries thanks to an embedded energy harvesting mechanism.

Protected by three patents, this new "wireless and batteryless" technology is very easy to install and enables electrical devices such as lights or shutters to be controlled via the international radio communication standard, ZigBee.

Highly compact and discreet, it integrates perfectly with the Group's connected wiring devices ranges across the world.

Ready-to-fit modular self-contained switches (photo credits: Legrand)

This innovation limits environmental impact and completely removes the need for the type of maintenance work generally associated with the use of batteries, especially in the context of property


Ready-to-fit modular self-contained switches (photo credits: Legrand)

Antoine Burel, Deputy CEO in charge of Operations at Legrand, stated: "Legrand is the world leader in electrical switches and sockets (User Interface). This new technology reflects our intention to bring our customers ever more intelligent innovation. It also provides an everyday response to the environmental challenges we are facing. Last but not least, it arises from a very productive partnership with CEA which contributed its knowhow, particularly in fundamental research."

Stéphane Siebert, Director of technological research at CEA, declared: "We are proud to have supported Legrand in this ambitious project. The resulting groundbreaking technology is the fruit of several years of close cooperation between CEA's researchers and Legrand's teams. This partnership perfectly illustrates CEA's purpose, which is to contribute to industrial innovation through cutting-edge research for the benefit of everyone."

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