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SiliconPV2021 AWARD: Photovoltaic Modules for desert

​Congratulations to the team for the award received at the #SiliconPV2021 conference for the presentation of Jean-François LELIEVRE: "Desert Label Development for Improved Reliability and Durability of Photovoltaic Modules in Harsh Desert Conditions".

Published on 29 April 2021

The presentation highlights achievements in the definition of a new Bill of Materials for photovoltaic module technologies for extreme irradiance desert regions and on accelerated characterization methods of PV materials carried out between 2018 and 2020 in the framework of ATAMOSTEC (Chile) by CEA at INES (France) and ISC Konstanz (Germany).

This work, carried out in the ATACAMA desert, receives financial and day-to-day support from CORFO.

This is an international recognition of ATAMOSTEC's contribution to the technological development of photovoltaic systems that will help set standards for desert modules worldwide.

The award also highlights the strategic technology partnership that brings together the formidable teams of ATAMOSTEC, CORFO, ISC Konstanz and CEA at INES.

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