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Liten produces IEC-compliant certified photovoltaic modules

​​Liten, a CEA Tech institute, recently produced a small run of PV modules on its dedicated platform. The project was completed in partnership with Mondragon Assembly. And the modules passed IEC 61215 certification testing without a hitch!

Published on 19 November 2015

Liten set up an industrial PV-cell manufacturing line (manufactured by market-leading Mondragon Assembly) in 2014 at INES, France’s solar energy research institute. The line was recently used to produce 35 72-cell modules with a capacity of nearly 300 W (301 W with a standard deviation of 0.6 W).

The modules produced were sent to standards and testing organization Certisolis to undergo IEC 61215 testing to certify the equipment’s electrical performance and robustness. The modules came through the tests with flying colors.

The modules’ low power dispersion and excellent performance on the certification tests are proof that Liten’s manufacturing line is efficient and fully operational. The line will be used for R&D and to produce small runs for industrial scale-up. For example, Mondragon Assembly will use it to test new PV module materials and manufacturing processes. And CEA Tech will use it to manufacture small runs for industrial partners, who will be able to turn to Liten—one of Europe’s only research institutes to be able to produce small runs that comply with international standards—for their R&D projects.

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