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2023 CEA-Liten Annual Report

Published on 3 July 2024

CEA-Liten 2023 Annual Report

The 50 pages of CEA-Liten's annual report include:

  • ​Interviews with our researchers and managers
  • Deciphering our best scientific publications,
  • An overview of our industrial partners' major announcements in the press and a focus on the latest news from our start-ups (SolReed, Heliup, DistrictLab, Inoocq and Seed-Energy),
  • A wealth of results, including our eco-design tool for solar power plants, our magnets designed to facilitate the recycling of electric motors, and our research into alternative materials for batteries without critical metals,
  • A look at the test flight of a hydrogen-powered drone and how the PERSEE software tool for sizing complex energy systems works.