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Published on 13 September 2021


Issues surrounding the environment and climate change are more acute than ever. Rising public awareness has spurred governments around the world to implement energy transition platforms, which have resulted in far-reaching initiatives across Europe backed by climate roadmaps

The impact of the unprecedented global health and economic crisis of 2020 on the rollout of renewable energy has not been as significant as the impacts on other energy sources. During the crisis, renewable energy has proven to be very resilient and has become a focus of many countries' economic recovery strategies.

France and the European Union must overcome several technological hurdles to restart strategic industries (like batteries and solar photovoltaic energy) and support the emergence of new industries such as hydrogen.

Liten's unique vision encompasses all types of energy production, storage, and management, from electric and thermal to gas. The institute is developing breakthrough technologies like heterojunction photovoltaics and high-temperature electrolysis to produce carbon-free hydrogen.

This combined approach positions Liten as a creator of energy solutions that our partners can transform into industrial and economic realities.

Florence Lambert,
Ex-Director of CEA-Liten