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Air quality and temperature regulation all in one

Ventilairsec partnered with Liten, a CEA Tech institute, on a residential HVAC solution that takes care of air quality and heating.

Published on 2 June 2020

​Liten has been working on a unique mechanical ventilation system to improve indoor air quality in residential buildings with Ventilairsec for around a decade. The system the partners are developing injects preheated, purified air through vents located in the home's living areas.

The Liten lab working on this residential ventilation system is helping Ventilairsec replace the electrical resistance, which preheats the air inside the duct to eliminate the unpleasant feeling of cold air blowing out of the vent, with a heating coil. The new Visionn'air system features a heat exchanger coupled with either a solar thermal collector or a heat pump to provide domestic heating. In addition, the flow will be regulated and adjusted depending on the amount of CO2 in each room to ensure the best possible indoor air quality.

The system is currently being tested on test homes operated by Liten's partner IGC in France's Aquitaine region and could also offer air conditioning in the near future. Finally, a partnership with roller-shutter maker Bubendorff could lead to a solution where "dirty" indoor air is vented to the outside through the roller shutter enclosures.

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