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New record for Perovskite Module technology

​Perovskite technology has reached new record with module conversion efficiency at 20.3 % obtained on CEA's platform located at INES, France.

Published on 2 March 2020

Perovskite photovoltaic technology presents some major competitive advantages that make it an excellent candidate for new generation of photovoltaics as single junction or in combination with silicon cells for tandem architecture. It combines in particular high efficiency potential with low cost materials and processes.

Since 2015, CEA is developing this high efficiency technology disrupting the mainstream photovoltaics. The French team has succeeded to reach recently a new record of efficiency producing a 8 cells in series module combining coating deposition techniques and laser patterning. The performance reaches an efficiency of 20.3% on active area of 11.2 cm² with a geometrical fill factor of >93%. The stabilized efficiency at MPP is maintained above 19%. In parallel, stability assessment is on-going but first tests under illumination and damp heat conditions are very promising.

The perovskite technology is now on its way to be industrialized maintaining high efficiency on larger area device. 

Acknowledgement for fundings from Institut Carnot Energies du Futur (Si-Premium and LASPV projects) and H2020 APOLO project (Grant N°763989) 

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