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ITE INES.2S - DELTA DORE, A new player in the governance

​DELTA DORE, a CEA partner at INES since 2016 and an associate partner of the Institute for Energy Transition INES.2S since its creation, is joining the ITE consortium and its governance.

Published on 13 July 2022

DELTA DORE, a French ETI founded in 1970 in Brittany, designs, manufactures and markets connected electronic products for comfort management and energy control in residential housing, associated with the fields of heating, automation, security and home automation. The company has embarked on a trajectory that will enable it to occupy a prime position among the European leaders in the home automation sector by 2025, with an ambitious development plan.

Jacques Plevin, the company's Director of Research & Innovation, said: "Delta Dore has been involved for many years, particularly by offering products and systems, in the energy and digital transitions in the building industry.

Today, we collectively have to face new challenges:

  • The increase in the electrification of buildings,
  • The development of new uses such as electric vehicles,
  • The need to consume available energy even more efficiently (on the networks or produced on site), while limiting the carbon impact.

In this context, we believe that we must share expertise and cross fields of competence in order to offer society and the market broader and more complete solutions.

We see INES 2S as the vehicle for implementing these collaborations and meeting the energy challenges we need to solve, and we are pleased to be able to contribute to this with INES 2S."

In particular, DELTA DORE is pursuing a dynamic innovation strategy to move towards more scalable systems capable of taking into account the user, usage and its variability over time, as well as value-added services, either for the occupant, the building manager or the equipment maintainer.

As part of this strategy, the company has joined forces with the CEA (French Atomic Energy Commission) to support its research and development activities in the fields of energy management, home automation, well-being management, home care and alarm systems.

The collaboration, for which a new chapter opens within the framework of the ITE, covers various topics such as

  • Presence detection in a residential building with alternative methods to detect and predict presence in a home based on physical data
  • Energy system management strategies for residential housing in a self-consumption context
  • The use of ventilation to cool the temperature of a home with reactive algorithms for the control of openings in a building subject to overheating
  • The development of heating/cooling system management strategies for residential buildings, taking into account the evaluation of the occupants' comfort

Frédéric STORCK, President of INES.2S and Director of Innovation and Energy Transition at CNR, and all the members of the Strategic Steering Committee are delighted that DELTA DORE has joined the governance of the ITE.


Find out more about INES.2S

The Institutes for Energy Transition (ITE) are interdisciplinary platforms in the field of decarbonized energies, bringing together the skills of industry and public research in a logic of public-private co-investment and close collaboration between all the players", to strengthen the industrial sector.

Since 2019, ITE INES.2S has been recognized as an Institute for Energy Transition (ITE) and has received support from the French government under the Programme d'Investissements d'Avenir. It aims to open up the economic opportunities generated by the development of solar energy to French industry, with one objective: to promote the massive integration of photovoltaic energy and thus contribute to the energy transition:

  • Developing solar technologies adapted to the constraints of their destination/use,
  • Their electrical and digital implementation in systems and networks in the most optimized way,
  • With constant attention to their durability, reliability and economic viability in order to ensure their bankability,
  • Sharing knowledge sharing and training.

Already some fifty associated companies benefit from the institute's research and development work.

Based on the commitment of seven member partners, INES.2S brings together in a consortium the major industrial players in the sector, namely CNR, COLAS, RENAULT and the SME 2CA, the INES PFE training platform, the University of Savoie Mont-Blanc, and the CEA.

The members voted unanimously at the end of 2021 to add two new members to the consortium: DELTA DORE and STEADYSUN.


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