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An experimental platform to test rSOC modules up to 120kWDC set up at CEA

​To promote the test of bigger reversible Solid Oxide Cell (rSOC) modules, the MULTISTACK experimental platform has been built at CEA-Liten. Powered by its 450 kVA main electrical line, it currently allows experimental investigations on high temperature solid oxide fuel cell and/or electrolyzer (SOFC/SOE) modules of up to 120 kWDC. In Autumn 2020, it was first used to evaluate SOLIDpower's Large Stack Module in electrolysis mode, which converted about 74 kW of electrical power into more than 50 kg hydrogen per day.

Published on 7 May 2021

While the current interest in Solid Oxide Electrolysis (SOE) technology, including its ability to operate in reversible mode (rSOC), is undeniable, building a H2-based industry and significantly decrease the current fossil fuel consumption requires scaling up the size of SOE systems [1].

To support in-house development and promote partnerships on experimental evaluations of rSOC modules, the MULTISTACK platform was built over the first semester 2020 at CEA-Liten. It includes a 60 kW industrial steam generator, two 30 kW air preheaters, a 22 kW dedicated air compressor, and four reversible 30 kW DC power supplies, on top of range-appropriate sensors and actuators.

In the last years, SOLIDpower has developed a Large Stack Module (LSM) dedicated to reversible fuel cell/electrolysis operation. It integrates four of SOLIDpower's new generation stacks. Engineered and prototyped in the Swiss facilities of SOLIDpower, one LSM module has been tested at CEA-Liten on the MULTISTACK platform in Autumn 2020.

Picture of SOLIDpower’s LSM / © A.NESCI, SOLIDpower 

The LSM was tested in electrolysis mode, converting about 74 kWDC of electrical power into more than 50 kg of hydrogen per day (35.5 kWhDC/kgH2). In addition, fuel utilization higher than 90% and steam conversion greater than 80% were demonstrated at the module level. The results obtained at CEA-Liten confirm the interest of the solid oxide electrolyzer technology for high efficiency hydrogen generators [1].

The LSM connected to the MULTISTACK platform / © D. Guillaudin

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