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Structural Electronics Platform

Published on 8 March 2024

Structural Electronics Platform

Smar​​t surfaces

The Structural Electronics Platform is home to a wide range of resources for the integration of electronics directly onto flat and 3D surfaces.  Electronics can be integrated onto rigid, flexible, and stretchable substrates measuring up to 320 x 380 mm² using either printing or vacuum deposition. Thermoforming is used to obtain 3D substrates. The platform also has pick and place (PNP) machines to assemble components.  For plastronics-type projects, these processes can be used with plastic injection overmolding. The platform, unlike any other facility in Europe, is home to a wide range of process equipment and activities, helping drive innovation in human-machine interfaces, medical devices, interactive displays, and more. 

  • All sheet-to-sheet printing processes, whether manually or automatically fed, are conveniently located together. These include screen printing, inkjet printing, rotogravure, flexography, and slot-die printing.  The platform also has the necessary assembly and encapsulation machines.

  • A full range of electrical, optical, and mechanical characterization tools for sensors and actuators

  • Tools to test the reliability of components like sensors and actuators

  • Tools to develop control electronics for sensors and actuators

  • The possibility of making PoC and other prototypes, and manufacturing pilot prototypes


  • €11 million in investment

  • 1 100 sq. m of  clean rooms

  • Grenoble