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Published on 5 August 2020


Getting the most out of tomorrow's materials

The Poudr’Innov 2. platform innovates new materials like metals, polymers, ceramics, and composites and develops novel processes that use these materials. The advances made at the platform enable the development and fabrication of high-added-value components from conventional materials whose properties have been enhanced, either for more optimal use or to create entirely new functions. 

One of the things that makes the platform unique is that it can produce objects with complex shapes without machining, utilizing processes like injection molding, pressing, sintering, 3D printing, brazing, and diffusion welding. 

These techniques are of interest to the energy, transportation, defense, and electronics markets. 

The platform has six main labs, and can see development projects through to semi-industrial implementation.

Formulation and preparation lab

  • Formulation and implementation 
  • Main equipment: spray deposition, dip coating, screen printing, tape casting, three-cylinder mixer, extruders, feedstock blenders, rotary evaporator, moisture tester, planetary mill, vibratory disc mill 

Injection lab

  • Conventional and magnetic-field-assisted injection molding
  • Main equipment: Micro-press, 50 ton and 150 ton presses

Additive manufacturing/3D printing lab

  • The entire 3D printing process chain, from CAD to complete printing and post-processing 

  • Design and topological and mechanical optimization software

  • 3D printing techniques

  • Polymer area with a dedicated space for the preparation of formulations using photoreticulated resins and a range of printing capabilities (fused-filament deposition, liquid or paste resin SLA, multijet fused deposition)

  • Metal area with dedicated preparation and post-processing spaces and a range of equipment (selective laser sintering/SLS, selective laser melting/SLM, direct metal laser sintering/DMLS) 

  • Post-processing: grinder, slicer, saw, sander, polisher

Magnetic materials lab

  • The entire magnetic materials fabrication chain (from material synthesis using strip casting to magnetic characterization of the objects produced)
  • Main equipment: Strip casting furnace, hydryding furnace, jet mill, BAG, turbula mixer, isostatic press, NdFeb heat treatment furnace, magnetizer, hysteresis graph test meter, magnetic field tracer

Heat treatment lab

  • Heat treatment equipment up to 1,800 °C under different atmospheres (inert or reactive)
  • Main equipment: SPS sintering furnaces, thermal debinding, annealing furnaces, laboratory ovens, bell furnaces, muffle furnaces, tube furnaces

Characterization area

  • Morphological, thermal, mechanical, optical, chemical characterization tools
  • Main equipment: SEM, laser granulometer, microscopes, ZEM, thermogravimetric analysis, differential scanning calorimeter, scatterometer, BET, dilatometer, rheometer, morphogranulometer, gas pycnometer

VideoMagnets for Energy: CEA Liten


icone1.jpg50 researchers and technicians

icone2.jpg €12 million in investment

icone3.jpg 1,400 sq. m

Several dozen industrial partners

20 patent applications per year