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Large Surface Printed Electronics

Published on 31 July 2020

​Large Surface Printed Electronics

Pushing back the boundaries of electronics

Pictic, Liten's large-area printing platform, specializes in printing electronics on flexible substrates. The platform scales up production processes developed in the lab for use in full-scale manufacturing environments. The platform develops smart materials like plastic, paper, and textiles. Electronic functions are printed directly onto the materials' surfaces up to 320x380 mm2. The potential uses for these materials are vast. Human-machine interfaces, smart lighting, interactive displays, and environmental monitoring are just a few examples. 

It is the only specialized R&D platform in Europe to:

Possess all of the appropriate printing processes in house (screen printing, inkjet, heliogravure, flexography, slot-die)

Have access to characterization, assembly, packaging, and other equipment 

Cover the entire fabrication chain:

  • Electronic ink development and formulation

  • Process development, optimization, and reliability 

  • Prototypes and test production runs 

Pictic processes are particularly precise and cost-competitive. Electronic functions can be deposited in one process step, and the use of lithography is not required. These technologies can be combined with plastic injection overmolding for plastronics applications.


icone1.jpg50 researchers and technicians

icone2.jpg €9 million in investment

icone3.jpg 600 sq. m of  clean rooms

Many industrial partners including start-up ISORG

50 patents