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Published on 28 September 2020


Converting bioresources into energy

The bioresource platform develops and implements high-energy-yield, controlled-waste biofuel processes and technologies for the preparation and thermoconversion of carbon-containing material. The platform mainly works with renewable bioresources such as farming and forestry byproducts, grades A and B wood, solid organic waste, food manufacturing and paper and pulp manufacturing residues and effluents, sludges, and algaes.

The platform possesses analysis and testing capabilities:

  • Characterization of bioresources and outputs (oils, gases, solid residues)

  • Drying and grinding from 1 gram to 1 ton per hour

  • Gravity-based and pressurized powder injection up to 50 kg/h

  • Torrefaction from 1 gram to 150 kilograms per hour

  • Pyrolysis of bio-oils produced from 10 milliliters to several liters per hour

  • Gasification from 1 gram to 20 kg per hour

  • Hydrothermal carbonization, liquefaction, and gasification of biomass in 0.5 liter batch reactors and on continuous pilot lines from 2.5 liters to 10 kilograms per hour

This platform's strength is that it can apply all of these processes from laboratory validation testing up to scales that can be extrapolated to industrial processes, so that pertinent technical and economic evaluations of the processes developed can be carried out.

GENEPI Experimental Platform:

VideoPlate-forme expérimentale GENEPI


icone1.jpg40 engineers & technicians

icone2.jpg €7 million in investment

icone3.jpg 800 sq. m space

15 industrial partners

20 patents, 6-8 patent applications per year



Video: Assembly of the Girofle reactor