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Plastronics processes gain in maturity

​A capacitive plastic part prototype that meets the automotive industry's requirements was recently developed in partnership with SE2D (Symbiose Engineering Design Development).

Published on 23 August 2018

An overmolded capacitive slider with LEDs, illuminated guides to improve visual appearance, rounded shapes, and a decorative film was entirely screen printed on flexible polycarbonate at the PICTIC platform operated by Liten, a CEA Tech institute. The prototype is the first to respond to auto manufacturers' specifications in terms of both features and design and is already mature enough to address the automotive market.

Startup SE2D, which specializes in plastronics—the development of functionalized plastic parts with complex designs and electronics capabilities—turned to Liten for support with ink selection, annealing technologies, and mold design. The part produced for SE2D is the first-ever to effectively demonstrate that this type of printed component is fully compatible with all of the manufacturing processes involved in making the final part. In particular, the component can withstand thermoforming and plastic injection molding.

SE2D is now preparing to set up a sample production line at PICTIC to bring the technology to even greater maturity. The future parts will integrate new functions, such as pressure sensors, transparent capacitive systems, and vibrating surfaces for enhanced sensory feedback.

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