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Prodways and the CEA renew their R&D partnership to continue development of the 3D printing technologies of the future

​Just a few weeks after announcing the joint development of a new metal printing technology, Prodways, a subsidiary of Groupe Gorgé, and CEA Tech, the division responsible for technological research within the CEA (French Atomic Energy Commission), announce the renewal of their R&D partnership in order to perpetuate their shared goal to develop the 3D printing technologies of the future.

Published on 1 December 2016

​Echoing the October announcement of the joint development of a metal 3D printing technology, and after two years of collaboration on materials and processes, Prodways and CEA Tech today announce that they have signed a strategic partnership agreement for a five-year term, aimed at designing and developing innovative and optimized solutions for new industrial applications.

These solutions are based on the wide range of technologies developed by the CEA, in particular with respect to additive manufacturing materials, processes, non-destructive testing, digital optimization, powder safety, and the post-treatment of parts. As part of this partnership, Prodways will benefit from the technological platforms set up by the CEA in Grenoble (Poudr'Innov 2.0, Nano-characterization and Nano Safety platforms) and in Saclay (Gerim non-destructive testing platform and the planned Additive Manufacturing platform in Paris Saclay).

In return, CEA Tech will rely on the skills and expertise of Prodways' R&D teams, in particular regarding photo-polymerization technologies in the area of technical ceramics and metals dedicated to industrial and biomedical applications.

The aim of this partnership is to improve the performance of materials currently used in additive manufacturing, and to design unprecedented solutions meeting specific cost and durability targets. These solutions are based on multi-material systems and nano-structuring, which improves the mechanical properties of parts.

The renewal of this partnership demonstrates Prodways' determination to strengthen its strategy aimed at offering comprehensive 3D printing solutions that are optimized and tailored to each area of application. It reaffirms Prodways' intention to position itself as a key global player in multi-technological additive manufacturing.

In the words of Alban D'Halluin, CEO of Prodways: "By renewing its partnership with CEA Tech, Prodways is gaining access to high-quality technological research and advancing the shared determination to speed up innovation for the benefit of industrial players. Through its first results in metal printing, this partnership makes it possible to imagine new applications for a fast-growing 3D printing market."
According to Stéphane Siebert, Director of CEA Tech: "Additive manufacturing is a strategic development area for our organization, which supports French industry in this transformation. This partnership with the French leader in 3D printing machines is a crucial step in consolidating, growing and promoting our technological offers dedicated to these new processes, which will benefit all industrial sectors."


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