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Plastronics drives innovation in automotive industry

Symbiose, a startup founded in 2014 to develop and commercialize plastic films for printed electronics, is working with the CEA to help make plastronics—electronics embedded in plastic materials using printing and other techniques—the go-to solution for the automotive industry.  

Published on 30 March 2023

Developing the technologies required for overmoldable plastic touch interfaces is one of the company's priorities. And CEA-Liten has know-how that could help. The institute possesses a winning combination of innovative technologies that enable piezoelectric and capacitive sensors to be printed on thermoformable films onto which additional components can then be bonded. The plastronic touchpads made using these technologies deliver excellent optical performance.

Symbiose would also like to make its components more environmentally-sustainable by integrating circular economy principles into its development and manufacturing processes. Research on new, more environmentally-friendly materials for the automotive industry being done by CEA-Liten for an EU project that kicked off in September 2022 will support this objective. Specifically, CEA-Liten is improving the plastronic component manufacturing processes for these new materials and developing performance tests for the final components.

Symbiose raised €6.5 million in 2021 and moved into its new factory in Pugnac, France in May 2022.

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