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Published on 16 April 2016

Sylfen - Smart energy hub for ecodistricts and energy-plus buildings

Sylfen offers competitive and flexible energy solutions. The startup’s Smart Energy Hub can either produce gas or electricity and heat depending on user needs and utility rates.


Sylfen’s Smart Energy Hub, protected by some 20 patents, is the result of ten years of R&D work at Liten. The Smart Energy Hub consists of a hightemperature (700 °C–800 °C) electrolyzer that is reversible and, therefore, can be used as a fuel cell. In electrolyzer mode, the equipment converts electricity into hydrogen. In fuel-cell mode, it produces electricity and heat. The process boasts unbeatable yields.

Available in several versions, starting at several dozen kilowatts and going up to several hundred kilowatts, the technology is particularly well suited to the energy-production needs of energy-plus buildings and ecodistricts. Users can choose the desired mode for their usage, from energy storage and fueling hydrogen vehicles to recharging batteries and providing heating—and more. To support the development of distributed intermittent energy production and to adapt to energy price fluctuations, Sylfen has developed operations and management software for use with its equipment. The Smart Energy Hub gives users the energy they need when they need it.

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