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Published on 16 April 2016

Sublimed, Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation patch

Sublimed gives patients with chronic pain a new chance at life, offering a transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation patch that is flexible and discreet. 


For over 30 years, transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation has been used treat neuropathic, back, and other chronic pain. However, 20%–40% of patients suffering from chronic pain eschew the technology because of the bulky impulse generator and inconveniently long electrode wires.

Sublimed has replaced these conventional devices with a technology protected by five CEA patents: 

  • A thin and comfortable electric-impulse generator that can run for 20 hours between charges and that can be placed on any part of the body

  • Skin electrodes, attached to just 10 cm–15 cm of wire

  • Electronics that can be controlled from a smartphone; the phone can control two to four electrodes and even send the information to a doctor.

The startup hopes that this innovation will increase both patient adoption and treatment efficacy. Partners of the project include pain treatment specialists and the Grenoble University Medical Center Pain Unit.

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