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Published on 12 August 2020

H2LAB, France's hydrogen-energy testing platform

The energy transtion is upon us, and hydrogen will be a major energy vector in the revolution just over the horizon.

The hydrogen market represents a very real opportunity for France's industrial economy:

For hydrogen R&D to result in industrially-viable products, well-conceived tools are needed to develop and test tomorrow's solutions. And the tools have to be easy for economic stakeholders to access and use.

The implementation of far-reaching industrial hydrogen R&D programs capable of putting French companies at the top of global markets is hindered by a lack of clear support structures and facilities. Currently, the resources available to businesses in France are scattered around the country. But there are not enough resources to go around, and the ones that do exist are not well-known.

France's response to businesses' hydrogen testing needs: H2LAB

H2LAB was financed by Bpifrance (France's government investment bank) to bring members a one-stop shop for priority access to the most relevant testing resources available supported by top experts from CEA and CNRS labs.

To date, H2LAB is home to around 60 pieces of equipment at four locations. Initially, the equipment will meet businesses' electrolyzer (mainly high-temperature), PEMFC, and pressurized hydrogen tank performance and endurance testing needs.

This new public-private partnership will support:

  • Maintaining France's hydrogen R&D at the state of the art and streamlining the use of testing equipment by increasing availability and lowering costs
  • The emergence of additional services like certification or the use of anonymous testing databases

H2LAB thematics:

  • Production : High-temperature Electrolysis (HTE)

  • Conversion: Fuel Cell

  • On-board storage: High-pressure vessel

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