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Assessing and quantifying the potential of new energy technologies

Longterm scale/output forecasting

Published on 7 May 2019

Several years ago, Liten initiated processes to assess the technical, economic, and environmental impacts of the technologies the institute develops. All energy-related technologies (hydrogen, solar, battery, etc.) developed at Liten are concerned.

Today, we have built up unrivalled know-how and methods to assess the impacts of new technologies. Businesses and other organizations turn to our researchers to assess their technologies or assess the performance of complex energy systems incorporating several technology bricks. Our assessment services cover technical, economic, and environmental impacts; our assessment reports deliver high-added-value insights that enable our partners to make strategy and technology choices crucial to their businesses.

Our researchers have achieved excellence in their respective fields, as evidenced by the many direct requests we receive from outside organizations:

  • Major international corporations in the energy industry

  • Small- and medium-sized business, startups, and other innovative businesses in the energy industry (as part of projects financed by the French National Research Agency, the European Commission, the French Single Interministerial Fund, or the French Energy Agency in which Liten is engaged).

  • Technical performance, cost, and environmental analyses of several technical solutions to validate technology choices.

  • Environmental and lifecycle assessment of technologies and processes.

  • Development of operating simulation software for energy systems; software integrates component ageing to assess performance and TCO in a variety of operating conditions.

  • Development and construction of demonstrator systems and prototypes to test, identify potential enhancements, and alternatives used in scale-up to industrial manufacturing.


The following projects are particularly representative of the assessment services we provide to businesses:

  • In 2010 Liten decided to develop a proprietary energy system simulation software application; at that time, there was no system available on the market offering the flexibility to meet our needs. Our researchers began using the software in 2012, and we continue to add new features and configurations. The software has proven to be robust and reliable enough for day-to-day use in Liten’s research activities. Since then, the software has been tested by several international energy corporations, and some have requested licenses.

  • We have also invested in an electrolyzer testing platform at the CEA site in Cadarache. The platform’s array of high-power electrolyzer reliability, performance, and yield tests is unique; our industrial partners turn to the facility for tests they cannot conduct in-house. The test results are presented in such a way as to facilitate electrolyzer optimizations and operating improvements, either at the individual component level or in terms of how the components are combined and used. The platform rounds out Liten’s hydrogen know-how and makes our services particularly attractive to energy companies worldwide.

  • Around 10 researchers

  • Publications:

- Guinot B, Bultel Y, Montignac F, Riu D, Pinton E, Noirot-Le Borgne I. November 2013. Economic impact of performances degradation on the competitiveness of energy storage technologies – Part 1: Introduction to the simulation-optimization platform ODYSSEY and elements of validation on a PV-hydrogen hybrid system. International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 38(35): 15219–15232.
- Guinot B, Bultel Y, Montignac F, Riu D, Noirot-Le Borgne I. October 2013. Economic impact of performances degradation on the competitiveness of energy storage technologies – Part 2: Application on an example of PV production guarantee. International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 38(31): 13702–13716.
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