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High-added-value magnets and components


Published on 5 September 2019

The powder metallurgy platform ​POUDR'INNOV 2.0 ​develops high-added value magnets and components from metal, ceramic, semi-conductive and magnetic powders with applications on the connector, lighting, electronics, healthcare, fine chemicals, and energy markets.
R&D at the platform focuses on powder preparation processes designed to optimize the end components’ properties—and create new properties that would be impossible if the materials were used in solid form.

These include tiny components with complex shapes, lightweight hollow structures, dielectric components with high thermal conductivity, high-performance magnets, multi-material assemblies and energy-recuperation-devices. By exploiting a variety of additive manufacturing techniques, including 3D printing, the platform is able to produce ultra-precise components, with no post-production finishing; thus reducing overall manufacturing costs.

The platform includes a complete range of semi-industrial and industrial equipment and is capable of completing the entire component production process under one roof, from formulating and blending powders to injection molding, debinding and sintering, and characterization by µ-tomography. The platform leverages several decades of powder metallurgy research conducted by the CEA and files around twenty patent applications each year. R&D at the platform is currently at the international state of the art.


​50 researchers and technicians


​Major technologies: 3D printing, feedstock, powder injection molding, characterisation


​€12 million in investment


​Several dozen industrial partners of all sizes from around the globe


​1400 sqm.

​20 patent applications per year

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