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World-leading microscopy capabilities

Nanocharacterisation Platform

Published on 7 May 2019

The nanocharacterization platform houses around 40 pieces of heavy research equipment operated by a staff of experienced researchers and technicians. The platform studies samples for CEA research programs and conducts research on characterization techniques and protocols to prepare appropriate responses to tomorrow’s characterization needs. The platform possesses certain equipment that exists at just a handful of other locations worldwide—this is the case for the platform’s Titan Ultimate transmission electron microscope, which offers resolutions of 50 picometers.

Researchers at the platform can characterize a material’s morphological, physico-chemical, and electrical properties, depending on partners’ needs, providing 2D and, increasingly, 3D images of the materials studied. These tests provide valuable insight into nanomaterials and nanocomponents.


​80 researchers and technicians


​Ion-beam and X-ray beam, surface analysis, near-field electron microscopy, optical characterization, magnetic resonance, and sample preparation


​€30 million in investment


​CEA research institutes Leti, Liten, and Inac
Cooperation with large European instruments


​3,000 sq. m

The platform also works with large research instruments ESRF and ILL, leveraging their synchrotron and neutron capabilities to obtain even higher resolution images.

The platform is used by scientific equipment manufacturers that wish to improve their products, as well as by other manufacturers from start-ups to corporations like IBM and STMicroelectronics.