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Energy Efficiency

Published on 22 October 2015
  • Energy efficiency: making the most of our energy supplies

Developing new, efficient, sustainable forms of energy is only part of the story. Equally as important is the development of new technology that will help reduce the energy consumed in industrial processes, consumer products, on the road and in the home.  Liten is actively carrying out research in a wide range of highly diverse technological areas including:

  1. New, energy efficient, printed electronics processes offering high-added value to the end-user
  2. Energy harvesting systems that recycle wasted heat into valuable electrical energy
  3. Energy efficient buildings that will reduce wastage and improve life quality
  4. Power generation systems (from production and storage through to conversion and smart management of thermal energy, electricity, and gas – especially hydrogen)

Moreover by fostering electro-mobility technology solutions, Liten intends to help lower CO2 emissions and limit dependency on fossil fuels.

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