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Working with Industry

Competitive advantage for industry

Published on 7 May 2019

In innovation terms, if you are not moving forward, you are moving backwards. Liten’s technological expertise can help companies gain competitive advantage in a number of ways:

Technological expertise/comprehensive facilities

Whether you outsource your R&D or manage an in-house Research & Development team, Liten’s scientific teams can help drive your research projects forward. A unique combination of scientific expertise and technological infrastructure helps the Liten’s 350 industrial partners (from SMEs to multinationals) gain competitive advantage.

Broad technological focus

Our broad technological scope covers energy efficiency, renewable energy and material design/development (over 40 individual technological domains) facilitates the R&D process. The combination of these different teams, helps us achieve our partners’ research objectives. Liten’s broad technological scope, from the development of advanced materials to new renewable energies and money-saving energy efficiency technologies is further complemented by the technological expertise of our partner institutes in CEA-Tech. LETI (micro-electronics) and LIST (software/ICT) can be brought into the development of a project, adding further value to LITEN’s technological offering

The value chain

We work at every level of the technological value chain, from the development of new materials, to the manufacture of full-scale industrial prototypes. This fully integrated approach to R&D helps us to understand the detail and optimize the development of the partners’ projects. Click here for more details.


Liten’s expertise in modeling and characterization plays an important part in reducing time to market via increased scientific understanding of materials and reduced R&D times. Similarly, the optimization of industrial processes can lead to decreased time to market, decreased production costs and ultimately increased product margins. Whether it’s via the development of a new material, a new component or the ability to overcome complex technological issues at the system integration phase, Liten can help companies get products to market faster.

NPD: New product development

Ever-increasing competition in the global marketplace means that new product development is vital for companies to maintain/increase market share. But innovation does not just relate to the discovery of disruptive technologies that take markets by storm. Whether it is part of a holistic strategy that sees us working with our partners across all levels of the product development process, or in selected stages of the value chain LITEN can play a valuable role in helping companies expand their product portfolios.

​“Organizations can gain competitive advantage only by managing effectively for today while simultaneously creating innovation for tomorrow” 

Tushman & Nadler