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Liten @CES 2020 for the Third Consecutive Year

From 1/7/2020 to 1/10/2020
Las Vegas, United States

CEA Liten at CES: an open door to tomorrow's solutions for the future of mobility!

Join CEA Liten at CEA Village, booth #50463, Eureka Park from Jan. 7-10, 2020.

This year, the institute will show you their solutions for the future of mobility with KIWEE and ISORG.

Shared Mobility : KIWEE

Mobility at the right place

Kiwee.JPGKiwee is a car sharing system that brings compact electric passenger vehicles to users either at dedicated pickup points or on a freefloating basis. Vehicles parked at a pickup point can be stacked like shopping carts and towed train-style for easy delivery by road to the pickup points where they are needed. A trained operator does the delivering; users drive individual cars only.

Kiwee is ideal for users in downtown and suburban areas seeking a non-polluting “first mile/last mile” solution for their public transportation or carpooling journeys. Kiwee is also suitable for other mobility needs, such as at airports or industrial facilities.

Because the vehicles can be stacked and towed, a single operator can deliver an entire “train” of vehicles, ensuring that pickup points are always fully stocked. Kiwee can deliver availability rates of 90% for high service quality.

The system was co-designed by Liten with the cooperation of List, CEA institutes, and other European partners (under the H2020 EC Research Program).

  • Providing “first-mile/last-mile” transportation between public transportation networks and users’ homes or places of work

  • Increasing transportation services in areas with low coverage by other modes of transportation

  • Offering a solution for activities that currently require individual vehicles, such as shopping or picking up parcels

Green Mobility: ISORG

Because your security matters. Isorg is a one-stop provider of security solutions for various market.

A Liten startup, Isorg was founded in 2010 by a team of senior managers and technical experts from the high-tech and electronicsindustries. The company’s core technology successfully integrates printed photodiodes on different substrates to enable large-areaimage sensors for the smartphone, security markets and extended  applications in medical X-ray imaging and non-destructive testing(NDT).Isorg is present in Grenoble, France (technology and application development), Limoges, France (manufacturing), and Asia (sales and application support). The company offers its customers a complete solution from a single provider.
The company plans to leverage its strong know-how of sensor technology to become the leading provider of printed-electronicsbased optoelectronic systems and also complete large-area-imagesensor solutions for the markets the company serves.


Isorg’s sensor system can be built on a plastic substrate, which means that the product can be shaped to facilitate integration into a variety of products. This makes it ideal for mobility applications that require authentication with a high degree of security. These include smartphones and mobile police scanners, automotive systems, ID verification for electric bike or scooter solutions, and more.

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booth #50463, Eureka Park

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